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The World's Fastest Self-Serve Mobile Advertising Platform
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Pocketmath is the world's largest, pure self-serve, mobile demand-side platform (DSP) for real-time bidding (RTB). 

We make it easy to buy smartphone and tablet ad impressions, within apps, games, and mobile websites, all in real-time. In one platform, you gain immediate access to the world's supply of mobile RTB inventory!

Offering 50 billion+ ad opportunities every day around the world, our easy to use platform empowers marketers + advertisers to execute highly targeted campaigns to connect to their ideal audience. With no minimums, no commitments, and full transparency there's no reason to wait! Make a good impression.

Backed by a USD $10M Series A investment from Rakuten Ventures.

Pocketmath locations: San Francisco, Singapore, Mumbai, Sydney, New York City, Los Angeles & London


883 North Bridge Rd, Southbank condo, #17-05, Singapore 198784

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